Pathfinder Adventure

Summer 2020

Pathfinder Procedures & Expectations


·         Program Contact Info

o    Justin LaBaire, Program Director

o    203-524-6460



·         Summer Program Procedures for Covid-19

o    Staff Arrival Procedures:

§  Each staff member will report to Program Director upon their arrival in the morning.  The Program Director will do a visual inspection to check for signs of illness such as flushed cheeks, coughing, sneezing, difficulty or rapid breathing, or extreme fatigue.

§  The Program Director will take the staff member’s temperature with a non-contact thermometer, which will be cleaned with an alcohol wipe between each person.  Alcohol swabs maybe reused as long as they stay wet.

§  Staff members will be required to wear face masks.

§  Each staff member will have to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer (60% alcohol) if no sink is available.

o    Drop Off/ Pick Up - Parents are responsible for dropping and picking up their children off at their activity site. We will not transport participants for any reason. 

§  Scalzi Park – Boulder at the Ropes Course

§  Cove Island Park – Pedestrian/Vehicle Bridge

§  Mianus River Park – Red Barn at Upper Level Parking

§  Beta Climbing & Fitness – Main Entrance

o     Participant Sign In

§  Parents and participants must form a line for sign in and maintain social distancing practices of at least 6 feet.

§  Participants will be signed in with designated staff member.  Designated staff member will take each participant’s temperature with a non-contact thermometer.  A visual check for signs of illness will also be performed.

§  If any participant has a temperature or any sign of illness, he/she will not be permitted to participate.  In order to participate in future activities they will need a written doctor’s note to obtain clearance for participation.

o    Participant Sign Out

§  Parents should be at the designated drop off/pick up spot specific to each site at the end of the scheduled activity.  There will NOT be early drop off or late pick up services available.

o    Early Pick Up

§  Early pick up can be challenging for certain activities.  It may be difficult for groups that are paddling, hiking or biking to get a child back to the pick up site.  If an early pick up is necessary, it’s best to pick up between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. during the lunch hour.  If you need to pick your child up early, please call the Program Director at 203-524-6460.  The Program Director will contact the site’s staff supervisor to have your child brought to the designated pick up spot.

o    Group Sizes

§  There will never be more than 10 participants per group.  Activity groups will not be allowed to interact with each other, and also will not be able to interact with the public at any of the activity sites. In situations where groups are near other groups of people or individuals in a public setting, strict social distancing will be enforced.

o    Healthy Hygiene Protocols

§  All staff and participants should engage in hand hygiene at the following times:

·         Arrival to activity site and after breaks.

·         Before and after eating or handling food.

·         Before and after administering any first aid.

·         After using the bathroom.

·         After coming in contact with bodily fluid.

·         After handling garbage.

§  Wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.  If soap and water are not readily available use alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol.

§  Supervise participants when using sanitizer for proper use and to prevent ingestion.

§  Remind participants to cough or sneeze into their elbow or a tissue.  Dispose of tissues after each use.

§  All staff will wear face masks when appropriate.  Staff do not need to wear facemasks while mountain biking, but need to maintain social distancing measures of at least 6 feet.

§  Only one group of 10 participants at any part of a designated activity area.

§  Equipment should be disinfected by staff after being used by a particular group.

§  Staff should report any child feeling sick to the Program Director as soon as possible.

§  Any participant that does not feel well will need to be sent home and will be separated from the group and given a mask to wear while waiting to be picked up by a parent.


·         Behavior –Participants are expected to treat each other, staff, program equipment, facilities and the public with respect.  Our goal is to provide our campers with a physically and emotionally safe atmosphere.  Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  Physical bullying (i.e. pushing, hitting, fighting including play-fighting) and emotional bullying (i.e. name calling, teasing, put downs, racial/ethnic slurs) will not be tolerated.  Remarks or physical contact of a sexual nature will not be tolerated. Behavior such as this will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the camp, whether it is directed towards other campers, camp staff, or the public.  Campers that are the target of such behavior must inform camp staff of the incident immediately.  Behavioral guidelines must be followed at all times regardless of the location of the activities, including the buses. 


·         Core Values – The 3 R’S

o    Respect

o    Responsibility

o    Readiness


·         Attire – Adventure activities such as the ropes course, paddle sports (canoeing & paddle boarding), rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking require campers to wear appropriate clothing.  Campers should wear loose, comfortable clothing as well as close-toed shoes/socks for these activities. 

o    Footwear – Sneakers are the best option for most activities.   Sandals with a heel strap are acceptable for canoeing/paddle boarding.  Footwear is required for beach activities. 

o    Jewelry - Jewelry is not appropriate for climbing activities. 

o    Swimwear - Campers should bring appropriate swimwear and a towel for swimming and paddling.  Pools require that campers bring real bathing suits.  All campers are encouraged to bring a lightweight long-sleeve shirt and a hat to reduce sun exposure.  The camp will have sunscreen and bug spray available.

o    Appropriate Coverage - Campers should wear clothes that appropriately cover their bodies.  Appropriate attire should follow the same guidelines put forth by the public schools.  If campers arrive dressed inappropriately, a call will be made to parents to bring in other clothing.


·         Peer Relationships – Relationships between campers must remain platonic.  Public displays of affection between campers are unacceptable.  This includes hand holding, cuddling, kissing, etc.  Campers are encouraged to form lasting, healthy friendships with their peers.  Non-platonic relationships will be dealt with as necessary.


·         Substance Use – The use of illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and e-cigarettes or vaping is not allowed at Pathfinders Adventure Camp.  If a camper is suspected of or caught using any substance, parents and/or the police will be notified immediately. 


·         Meals – Participants enrolled in day programs must bring their own lunch and snacks.  Food will not be provided.


·         Medications – If your child is currently taking prescription or over the counter medication, he or she must do so at home before coming to camp.  At no time should a participant have on his/her person any prescription medications.  Participants should not self-administer medication while at camp.  The only exceptions are the use of asthma medication, epinephrine and diabetes medications.  Participants that require epinephrine for severe asthma or allergic reactions should bring their epi-pens every day.  If there is a change in your child’s medication, please notify the program director.


·         Accidents/Illness – Parents will be notified immediately in the event of an accident or illness.  In the event that we are unable to reach a parent we will notify the emergency contact listed on the registration form.  Pathfinder Adventures does not have an on-site nurse and therefore is not equipped to deal with such events.  Parents should have a plan in place for taking over the care of their child in the event of an accident or illness.  In the event of an accident or illness that is life threatening or needs immediate professional medical care, program staff will be instructed to call 911 and then notify the participant’s family.


·         Electronics – Electronics such as cell phones, smart watches, iPods/mp3 players and portable video game systems should be left at home.  There have been problems with lost/stolen electronics in the past.  Pathfinder Adventures/City of Stamford is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to personal electronic devices.  Participants should never ask camp staff to look after their personal belongings.  Cell phones are permitted only for contacting parents.  Parents should consider putting their child’s name somewhere on the cell phone for easy identification.  Participants should not be spending their time at camp talking/texting on their phones.  If phones are being used for purposes other than communication with parents they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the day.


·         Program Sites – Pathfinder Adventures is fortunate to be able to offer activities at a variety of sites throughout Stamford..  At no time should a participant be in an undesignated area of activity site without supervision.  Participants must respect the spaces we use and will be responsible for any damage and/or vandalism that occurs.  Campers should never leave their designated activity site unless they are supervised by program staff or picked up and signed out by a parent/legal guardian.