Notice About Buses - Please Read!


Unfortunately we will no longer be able to provide buses to transport campers to and from camp.  Approximately 60% of the cost of providing buses is usually paid with funding from the Stamford Transit District Fund.  This year, because of the state budget, there is no funding to offset the cost of buses.  The portion of the cost of the buses that is typically covered by camp tuition will be used to provide a daily bus to transport campers to local activities and additional activities.

We apologize for this inconvenience.  We understand that many families use the buses all summer and this could make summer much more difficult for some campers and their families.  This was a difficult choice to make and there were no good options.  We had to decide between not having buses, charging more per week of camp or charging more specifically for families that use the bus.

In funding becomes available before camp starts and we are able to I will contact all families to see to see if they will use the bus.  However, for now all families should start thinking about how they plan to transport their children to and from camp.

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Forms & Info

2018 Registration Form
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2018 Parent Letter
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2018 Camp Rules & Expectations
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Drop Off & Pick Up Parking Map
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July Lunch Menu
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August Lunch Menu
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2018 Daily Activity Schedule
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