Core Values: The 3 R's

Be Respectful To...


All other campers

All camp staff

All camp supplies, equipment & activity sites

The public

The environment

Be Responsible for...

Your Actions

Your Words

Your Decisions 


Learn to Check Yourself!!!!


Ask yourself these two questions: 

1.  Am I doing what I'm supposed to be doing?

2.  If not, what do I have to do to correct the situation?

Be Ready to...


Be a team player!

Challenge yourself!

Support one another!

Ask for help when you need it!

Play hard & have fun!

Share with people you know...

Forms & Info

2019 Registration Form
2019 Registration Form.pdf
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2019 Parent Letter
2019 Parent Letter.pdf
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2019 Camp Rules & Expectations
2019 Camp Rules & Expectations.pdf
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2019 Daily Activity List
2019 Daily Activity List.pdf
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July Lunch Menu
July Lunch Menu.pdf
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August Lunch Menu
August Lunch Menu.pdf
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Drop Off & Pick Up Parking Map
Pick Up-Drop Off Map.png
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Pathfinders Adventure Camp

Justin LaBaire, Director

P: 203.977.5361

F: 203.977.5515