How long has Pathfinders Adventure Camp been around?

Pathfinders Adventure Camp was started by the Mayor's Youth Services Bureau in 2002. The camp was formerly called City Kids' Adventures and became a full summer day camp program in 2008. the program has evolved over the years and has been hosted at several schools in Stamford, including Hart Elementary School, Westhill High School, J.M. Wright Technical High School, and our current location at Cloonan Elementary School.


Registration Process

Registration is on line.  Please click on the registration tab at the top of the page.


What does a typical day Pathfinders look like?
9:00-9:30 - Morning Meeting 

9:30 -12:00 - Morning Activity Block
12:00-1:00 - Lunch 
1:00-3:30 - Afternoon Activity Block
3:45 -4:00 - Afternoon Meeting


What do I need to do before camp starts?

·     Your invoice Invoice must be paid before the start of camp (June 27th)


      All invoices are issued via PayPal.  Credit cards are accepted.  No refunds will be issued after camp begins.

·      Sign all required waivers listed in the right column.  The Beta Rocks Waiver will be automatically submitted.  The Camp Permission Form and CDC Consent Form can be emailed to registration@ctpathfinderscamp.org


How do I contact the camp?

The camp phone number is 475-400-1754 


What should my camper bring every day?

·      Refillable water bottle

·      Bathing suit and towel

·      Change of clothes -Pathfinders is an Adventure Camp!  We go out rain or shine. Your camper’s clothes could get wet

·      Water shoes for water activities-Crocs are not permitted as they are slippery when wet.  Sneakers are acceptable but please be aware they will get wet.

·      Lunch is provided at no cost by Stamford Public Schools.  The lunch menu is posted on the Stamford Public Schools website.  Campers can also to bring their own lunch. 

·      Snacks if desired.


What if I need to drop my camper off late or pick them up early?

 Late drop off or early pick up can only be accommodated during lunch between 12:00-1:00.   That is the only time your camper will definitely be at Cloonan and not at an offsite activity.



Who are the camp counselors?

The camp staff is made up of three  types of counselors.

Facilitators  are adult staff, typically public school teachers or certified professionals, who provide instruction in certain activities such as culinary arts, dance & drama, arts & crafts, and fitness training.

Adventure Counselors are adult staff that facilitate all of the adventure activities such as rock climbing, mt. biking, hiking, canoeing, & ropes course programming.

Program Assistant Counselors are college age staff that provide additional assistance and supervision for adventure and instructional activities.

How many campers attend Pathfinders Camp?

There are 120 campers in attendance each day. The camper community will change weekly based on camper registration. 



What is the counselor to camper ratio?

The counselor to camper ratio is approximately 1:6. On any given day there are 25-30 camp staff to supervise 150 campers.

How do campers get to their offsite activities?

Some activities take place at Cloonan or Scalzi Park. Campers walk to their activities in Scalzi Park. Campers participating in offsite activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, or swimming will be transported by bus or van.

What do campers eat for lunch?

Lunch is provided by Chartwells Food Services, which is the same organization that provides lunch for Stamford Public Schools during the academic year.  The menu is available on the Stamford Public Schools website.  Lunch is provided at no additional charge. Campers can choose to bring their own lunch if they hate "school" food, and we highly recommend that campers bring snacks. Snacks will not be provided by the camp.

Can I sign my child up for additional weeks once camp has started?

We will accommodate request for additional weeks only if we feel like we have the space based on our attendance. We're usually pretty good about getting you in for the extra week(s) but it's not guaranteed.

What do I do if our summer plans have changed before camp starts?

If you need your camp tuition refunded, a request must be submitted within 90 days of purchase. No refund requests will be accepted after camp begins. If you need to make a change the weeks that your child is registered for, a request must be submitted ASAP. We will make every effort to accommodate the necessary change. However, if a week that you want your child to switch in to is at capacity, we will not be able to facilitate the request.

When will we receive more information about the camp?

A list of camp guidelines and expectations will be available at the time of registration and on the camp website. We will host a camp orientation meeting for parents and campers via Zoom   the week before camp begins.   


Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If you still have questions about the Pathfinders Adventure Camp, direct them to:


Susan Lauria
Mayor's Youth Services Bureau
Adventure Program Coordinator